5 Things You Need For Emergency Planning

Emergencies always come with a risk to them–you don’t know when they’re happening, and you don’t know if it’s gonna happen to you. That is why it is very important for any person, old or young alike to plan for any catastrophic incidents that may come their way.

In the US alone, a total of 2-3 major hurricanes happen every year. The truth is we can only know the season when they will strike, and sometimes, the severity can be something that’s completely unexpected. Emergencies like these can bring about property damage, loss of a business, loss of a home, or even loss of life. That is why it is important to know these 5 things you need for emergency planning.

5 Things You Need For Emergency Planning

Preparing survival kits

In this day and age where natural disaster may be occurring more frequently as we would like them to be, it is important to have survival kits ready in our homes. A household should have a stock of first aid supplies, packed food that’s not easily perishable, some clothes and other pertinent needs that your family may use in a time of disaster. Companies such as My Patriot Supply offer these pre-made kits for your consumption. You will never know when you will need these, so it’s better to keep everything in stock.


If you have properties such as a house, car, and even a business, it is important to keep your insurances updated. When disaster strikes, insurance companies should be reliable to provide coverage for its clients especially for those who availed something that covers natural disasters and emergencies. Make sure to call you insurance companies to secure that all of your policies are updated and covered. You don’t want to suffer the consequences of paying upfront costs of property damage without insurance.

Potable Water Source

Aside from having a survival kit, you need to have equipment that can be easily accessed during the time of disaster. Water is one of the most important resources that you need aside from food. A regular person can survive without food for days, but without potable water supply, he or she may quickly perish from dehydration. An equipment that converts tap water into potable water may be useful in times of emergencies. My Patriot Supply offers the AlexaPure, their main product for portable water filtration. You can use this in times of emergencies when drinkable water may not be accessible.

Evacuation Plan

If an impending disaster is coming, it is important to be aware of the evacuation measures in your local area. It is not wise to be stubborn about not allowing the government to evacuate you and your family. Remember that in any disaster, your lives can be at risk. It is better to be safe rather then risking your lives for something that can be avoided. Listen to public announcements, call government agencies and access information in the media about where and when to evacuate when a disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, fire, flood or snowstorm is on your way.

Secure your most valuable belongings

Most important belongings would be important documents, stored cash, appliances and other things that are of high value. If you have time, make sure to store them in a place where there is less risk of damage such as an attic or a basement, depending on the type of impending calamity. If you have time to do so, make a checklist of the things you can bring for your evacuation, and the things you can store in a safe place so that you won’t be rushing around gathering random things when disaster strikes. This is only done when there is time. Ultimately, it is more important to secure yourself and your loved ones first before any material possession.

The key to disaster prevention is preparedness. We won’t be able to avoid damage and loss, but we can minimize it further by being in-the-know, securing our insurances and preparedness kits. Companies such as My Patriot Supply can help us be equipped for any calamity that may come our way. Visit their website at mypatriotsupply.com.

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