Groza Learning Center Shares A Specialized Learning Experience

The Groza Learning Center, an institution that offers specialized academic learning, provides students from pre-K to college with an opportunity to retreat into a space of individually themed tutoring rooms and harness their specific learning abilities. Inspired by Christy Groza’s sister, who had learning disabilities when growing up, the center offers a ‘safe house’ to such special students who hope to learn more from their lessons as their tutors become more creative about making them thrive.

In the spirit of success, Scott Groza relates the productivity of this academic-assistance platform with the exceptional possibilities of both late-evening tutoring and day school accreditation processes. Being the founder, Scott devotes time every day to oversee the different aspects of the academic programs available and interact with the students on a more personal level. To him, the push behind the center’s success is positioning the students at the center of their focus. This way, his team of tutors draws the passion for solving problems and making breakthroughs that are seemingly impossible in normal learning environments.

Reflecting back, Scott is of the opinion that given a second chance, he would have done a better job on the institution’s social media presence and considered a larger facility much earlier than he did.

In the same breath, he has also developed a habit that is recommended to everyone; getting everyone to interact with everyone whether it is a parent to a student, a student to a tutor, or a tutor to a parent. After all, the worst mistake one can ever do is separating himself from the people who propel him to success.

Whereas the center has been recognized for its excellent learning outcomes, Scott relates this form of growth and performance to a continuous commitment on quality learning goals and following them to the latter during the implementation process. He also leads his staff members in moving from failure, which is highly associated with remaining at their comfort zones, to success by implementing strategies that have never been tried in normal learning settings.

The center also offers scholarships every year.

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