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DasCoin is a cryptocurrency company that is based in Hong Kong and was officially launched in January 2017.  The provisioning licenses that are associated with DasCoin is exclusively marketed by CL Singapore. CL Singapore is also licensed to provide network services for DasCoin. Below are DasCoin features that help it offer a hybrid solution and makes it the best.

Instant Transactions

DasCoin ensures transition and trades instantly take place, it also makes sure that integrity and efficiency are maximum .i.e. the trade and transaction are non-repudiated.

Centralized Emissions

So that the network can exist and expand, a fixed supply of coins is always released, this is done to provide necessary resources for expansion.

Permissioned Blockchain

Not everyone is permitted to transact on the ledger system, only a verified participant are enabled to transact in the system. This has helped create and enhance integrity

Decentralized Ecosystem

An autonomous ecosystem is created by a combination of blockchain and a distributed network. As a result of the ecosystem, performance, integrity, and security are offered.

Dynamic provisioning

Network growth which is based on the current demand levels is perfectly catered for and supported by the additional infrastructure which is automatically allocated.

Frictionless Exchange

Dynamic fee generation is based on bandwidth allocation, this helps it provide a world-class scales and performance at a very low transaction cost.

Benefits of DasCoin


The design of the system helps it optimize pricing stability. Optimize pricing stability is obtained through the calibrated manner in which DasCoin is emitted. The fixation of license packages in terms of the amount of cycles and terms of price, the price of existing DasCoin will increase as a result of increase network expansion which increases the frequency factor. As the network grows and stabilize, the price will tend to increase slowly and finally, the network will reach its full scale.


Individual licensees are the one who provides resources for network growth through the provisioning platform, and its share of exchange fee revenue, the network comfortably maintains itself. Real-time transactions are delivered by the network at a virtually no cost, but still, the network ensures everyone is properly served. For this to be possible, how the network intelligently monitors utilization has to be measured.


Since DasCoin is at the core of the currency, it has been made very easy to use. Trading and transacting with DasCoin has been made simple since they work closely with WebWallet. WebWallet is a digital wallet system that has come up with some innovation that provides a very easy additional functionality. The additional functionalities are conveniently available on your laptop, PC, tablet or your phone.


DasCoin system relies so much on blockchain when security and integrity of their users are concerned. The ownership of all DasCoins is documented in a globally distributed database, which is used as a mutual ledger. The modern cryptographic standards are used to append the transactions to the immutable ledger. This way the activities taking place on the network are secured and the permissioned blockchain is formed.

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