Arturo Alvarez Demalde Reviews Aquarium Depot’s Live Corals

Arturo Alvarez Demalde CoralGrowing up in Argentina, I was always quite fascinated by all kinds of marine life and have continued to pursue a wide range of recreational endeavors that reflect my continued fascination with the ocean and its inhabitants. While I have always enjoyed fishing, I’ve recently become more interested in saltwater reef aquariums and now have several tanks set up in my home and my office. Even though I have long been a believer in supporting local businesses whenever possible, I felt that the potential opportunity available through the utilization of the online services offered by Aquarium Depot was simply too good to pass up.

Aquarium Depot’s online platform initially caught my eye as I was researching live corals to add to my growing saltwater ecosystem, however enclosed it may be. With high-resolution images showcasing a wide selection of brightly colored corals, I felt that ordering through the online retailer would be worth trying and would also offer me the opportunity to write this review in order to share my experience with other saltwater aquarists who might be interested in learning more about Aquarium Depot before making use of company’s online retail services.

I was admittedly hesitant when I placed my first order, so I only ordered a single live coral — an Orange Stereonephthya Coral — to be shipped to my office. Once I received the live coral in the package marked for delivery to Arturo Alvarez Demalde and saw just how well it had been cared for in the shipping process and how much it contributed to the vibrancy of my saltwater reef tank, I immediately returned to Aquarium Depot’s online platform to order several additional corals to add to both my home and office tanks. The second shipment confirmed that the company takes its responsibilities very seriously and does everything within its power to ensure its customers receive the highest quality corals through a safe and efficient shipping process.


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